Hardie Consulting INC.

Building Inclusive & Successful Projects

We specialize in

Gender and Equity Analysis, Indenigous & Stakeholder Engagement, and Communications

We like to tackle “wicked problems” – large, complex issues that require a multitude of skill sets, a diverse team, creative solutions and dedication. Our team has years of experience working on major projects, ranging from economic development and infrastructure to treaty and natural resource rights.

With Bill C-69 receiving Royal Assent, the Government of Canada has “committed to assessing how groups of women, men and gender-diverse people may experience policies, programs and projects and to taking actions that contribute to an inclusive and democratic society and allow all Canadians to participate fully in all spheres of their lives.” 

It is the mission of Hardie Consulting to assist companies and projects in their focus on stakeholder relationships and impacts in order to create better outcomes.


We provides services through three main streams: Gender, Equity & Inclusion, Indigenous & Stakeholder Engagement, and Communications.

Gender, Equity & Inclusion:

  • Gender Based Analysis (GBA+) for programs and projects
  • Applying gender analysis to impact assessments, as required by Bill C-69
  • Program/policy design and project management
  • Applying gender analysis to government grant and funding applications

Indigenous & Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Designing & implementing custom stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Work focuses on large, complex projects that require collaboration through community outreach, engagement and input, and relationship building.


  • Internal and external communication expertise
  • Strategy design, implementation and evaluation
  • Creative design services to support communication strategies
  • Government and Public relations

Our work takes us from one-on-one sessions with entrepreneurs, to the corporate boardrooms of international companies

We would love to hear more about your community, business or project!