Erinn Mah

In the rapidly changing major projects environment, Hardie Consulting’s mission is to help companies navigate new complexities, help build and sustain foundational relationships, and ensure projects are consistently achieving and exceeding their goals to improve the lives of people.  

Erinn Mah is the Founder of Hardie Consulting Inc., and has been working to advance gender and Indigenous equity her whole career. This work took her from Status of Women Canada, to an Executive position at a financial services firm specializing in Indigenous projects.  

Key projects from this role included the financing the acquisition of an oil-asset package from a multi-national energy company by a Canadian First Nation, the financing and construction of the first Loblaws Grocery Store and Pharmasave on reserve, and the financing and construction of several cross-laminated timber housing developments on reserve.

Nearly $300 million in financing was placed with Indigenous groups under her leadership. 

She has worked on stakeholder engagement strategies for several greenfield infrastructure projects, including large rail and oil and gas companies, and has testified to the Senate Standing Committee on Indigenous Infrastructure.

Erinn holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Manitoba, a BA degree in Political Science and Gender Studies from the University of British Columbia, and is certified in Gender Based Analysis (GBA+) by the federal government. She is a candidate for the Certified Management Consulting designation and has served on the Board of Directors for the Manitoba Cardiac Institute (Reh-Fit Centre). 

After six years in Manitoba, she recently moved back to Kelowna, British Columbia to be closer to her family and the mountains.


Wayne Schnitzler Consulting

Wayne has over 35 years of experience in fire services starting as a firefighter in Surrey and finishing his career as Fire Chief of West Kelowna Fire Rescue for 19 years retiring in March 2015.

Wayne was also a board member of the Fire Chiefs Association of B.C. and was made a honourary life member in 2016. Wayne also worked for the Office of the Fire Commissioner in 2017 and 2018 in a Command Support and Coordination role for the two worst wildfire seasons in B.C.’s history.

Throughout his career, he has maintained key relationships with stakeholders thanks to his open, transparent and engaging communications style. Since 1988, Wayne has also worked with Indigenous communities throughout B.C. and Alberta, most recently on the Trans Mountain Expansion project and with Emergency Management B.C.

With his Metis background, Wayne will continue to work towards improving the quality of emergency services and safety for First Nation communities.


Behr Integrated Solutions

Since 2003, Behr has been an integral part of the emergency management and response solution for many communities and organizations across Canada.

Based in Calgary, we pride ourselves on the ability to transcend into multiple industry sectors to offer various services under one roof.

We provide responsible and innovative consulting expertise to assist in developing effective and sustainable solutions for Fire, Rescue, Response, Business Continuity and Emergency Management.

We offer a multi-faceted team with over 350 years of combined proven ‘front-line’ and leadership experience, and consultation experience. We are committed to providing pragmatic, sustainable, unbiased and expert advice with all aspects of our projects.

We are committed to providing pragmatic, sustainable, unbiased and expert advice with all aspects of our projects.

We would love to hear more about your community, business or project!