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Our team has a diverse background and experience with projects across Canada and the United States. We support clients by providing tailored services that fit each project, then build in continuous evaluation mechanisms to ensure we are reaching the desired goals.

We are strategically headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, next door to both Vancouver and Calgary, and have a network of qualified consultants and partners across Canada to add diverse expertise to a variety of projects.

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Our Services

Stakeholder Consultation & ENGAGEMENT

Stakeholder engagement involves both internal and external strategies that are combined to build relationships, enhance communications and meet regulatory requirements.

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

GBA+ is a framework used to assess how projects and policies affect women, men and non-binary people differently, and can be used as a tool to design, implement and evaluate projects to mitigate risks and create better outcomes for all stakeholders. GBA+ is not just applied to “women’s issues,” but acknowledges that people have intersecting identifiers, such as their race, ethnicity, religion and age, and seeks to create solutions for diverse needs.


The biggest problems on the job often stem from a lack of communication or mis-communication. Whether it be media relations, communications alignment, or social media, our team can ensure internal and external messaging and interactions are hitting the mark.

Government Relations

Whether a project is moving through a regulatory process, seeking funding, or affected by legislation, Hardie can create government relations strategies for government interactions, advocacy, and influence.

Indigenous Consultation & Engagement

Indigenous communities are increasingly driving the biggest projects in Canada forward. A strong, transparent and honest engagement and consultation strategy is the cornerstone of creating solid partnerships to generate success the right way.

Project Management

Moving from strategy to implementation in the ‘real world’ is one of the most difficult aspects of a project. We can help plan, execute, control and measure outcomes for projects large and small, staying on time and on budget.

Grant Proposal Writing

There are numerous sources of grants and support available – but it can be tricky to source them, meet their requirements and deadlines, and win them. Hardie is experienced in grant proposal writing and can support organizations to go after grants across a broad variety of sectors.

Network & Team Building

Hardie brings the right people together for the job and can scale the team to meet the needs of any project.

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